As part of the Academy poker lessons, I’ll tell you how to deal with bad beats or “relocation” – this is a poker term that means defeat in hand, despite the fact that the chances of winning were very high. Any player is constantly faced with this, and for each such moments are not an easy test.

It will never be pleasant for anyone to Cara Menang Judi Bola Online hands in which the victory seemed already a foregone conclusion, but this can be dealt with in different ways. When I was just starting to play poker, moving around was pissing me off, but over time I stopped paying attention to such things.

Right, evaluate your equity

Many consider transfers that are not those transfers. For example, a flush draw has 27 percent against a set on the flop. That is, you will lose almost every third time. Is it worth it to be upset about this? After all, this will happen quite often. In fact, relocations are situations where you had 80 percent or more to win. You will be surprised how often you did not have so many percent and close.

Focus on the result, not the process

Many strong players lost all their money due to the fact that they focused only on the result. All your actions in the game should be based on maximizing your expectations in each hand. If at some point, your results are worse than your expectations, you should not be upset because, at a distance, your result will correspond to your EVT and moving – if you are far ahead, then you have made the best decision. The result is not so important.

Relocations keep weak players in the game

It really is. It is the element of good fortune in poker that allows preserving the existing ecology. If a weak player never wins poker, then one fine day, he will simply go to roulette. The ability to win at a short distance, even without being able to play – this is what saves fish at the tables.