Our website offers poker exercises only for the Internet. In this way, we will do a little survey of online poker history. We live in a period of progress. What’s more, these progressions are not saved and poker.

In 1998, the main Planet poker room Tips Menang Tembak Ikan up.online-poker-13 5303eFirst, but far from the best – the game on it was constantly accompanied by technical problems. ┬áToday, this room is the undoubted leader in the industry, and online poker is truly world-famous and gives the world new stars who are ready to win big money in this format of the game.

In 2009, Swede Victor Blom and Finn Patrick Antonius played a record $ 1,356,947 pot for online poker. So even top players and experienced poker mastodons could not resist the temptation to play poker online for free.

It must be admitted that poker on the Internet has gained cult status. Dynamism, high speed of distribution, playing at several tables at the same time, the ability to instantly access the game at any time, the help of additional software, the ability to train on conditional chips – all these advantages make an increasing number of players join the global poker competition. Thanks to speed and accessibility, online poker has become an ideal option for starting the career of a professional player.

How to start a career?

A lot of poker articles have been written on this subject. There are two ways: register yourself at the poker room yourself or contact an affiliate. Affiliate is an intermediary site that is an official partner of one or more poker rooms. Yes, the Poker Academy is just such an affiliate.

For a number of reasons, registering at a poker room through an affiliate site is much more profitable. The player receives a number of bonuses: free starting capital, registration at various tournaments under more favorable conditions, quizzes to increase bankroll, and much more.

And most importantly – the possibility of free training. After all, we all know that poker is not only and not so much luck as a skill that must be mastered in order to become a successful player.